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South Fork Research is committed to performing quality ecological research and improving water resources and fish habitat in the Pacific Northwest using technology-driven solutions. Since 2006, our firm has been dedicated to working closely with federal, state, tribal and other organizations on large scale research and monitoring programs.

We specialize in freshwater ecology and have worked for over a decade in the Pacific Northwest. Our staff includes experts in stream ecology, including specialties of nutrient cycling, small stream food webs, riparian vegetation, landscape and in-stream temperature and geomorphic habitat and condition.

We have developed a 2.5D Delft Hydraulic Model that uses the topographic and substrate data collected as part of the region-wide monitoring program. Results are reviewed to ensure reasonable solutions, and model outputs are used to fuel fish-habitat models.

Our team includes experienced project managers that have handled development and release of new technology, operated within a coordinated project environment of over 30 team members, and worked extensively in an adaptive framework.

We design sampling for individual projects for effectiveness monitoring, watershed-level status and trend monitoring, using spatially-balanced sampling techniques, balanced status and trend detection, and timeseries analyses.

We routinely develop workflows to extract and manage data from large geospatial datasets to leverage existing data whenever possible. We also generate efficient tools and models to develop novel geospatial data if what we are after doesn't exist.

Most of our analytical products require streamlined data management to get the job done. To support our collaboration efforts, we juggle managing program-level standards of data management with meeting the needs of individual organizations and analyses.

Our Projects

We specialize in project design, model and geospatial tool development, data analysis, and making sense of the natural world.

Project Image
ISEMP Modeling Confinement
Project Image
ISEMP Riverscapes
Project Image
ISEMP Catchment Delineation
Project Image
CHaMP Geospatial Training
Project Image
CHaMP Toolbar Development
Project Image
Bridge Creek Riparian Plant Monitoring
Project Image
ISEMP Sampling Designs for Monitoring
Project Image
ISEMP Temperature Modeling
Project Image
CHaMP Hydraulic Modeling
Project Image
Bridge Creek Groundwater Monitoring
Project Image
ISEMP Landscape Classification
Project Image
Bridge Creek Stream Restoration with Beaver Dam Analogs
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Our Research

We design, conduct, and implement innovative and effective scientific research.


Since 2006, our small environmental consulting firm has been dedicated to working closely with federal, state, tribal and other organizations on large scale research and monitoring programs.


Our Team

Our Partners

Organizations that we frequently collaborate with.


Version 2.1 of GNAT released!

South Fork Research has released the latest version of the Geomorphic Network and Analysis Toolbox (GNAT), a set of tools for developing geomorphic attributes for a spatially-explicit stream network. To download the toolbox, and read about recent changes, go here.

Welcome our new team members!

South Fork Research recently released added three new members to our team. First, Arielle Gervasi joined our team near the end of 2016, and has been working as both a field biologist and GIS analyst. This Spring, we are welcoming to new fish scientists, Jared Siegel and Jason Neuswanger.


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